Why Does Bernie Sanders Kinder Society Require So Much Violence?

Why Does Bernie Sanders Kinder Society Require So Much Violence?

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In last night’s CNN debate between US senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, Sen. Sanders made the comment, “I believe in a kinder society.” He was referring to a society that taxed everyone at a higher rate and provided a broad range of what he believes are human rights. This includes free college, healthcare, and childcare.

That does sound nice does it not? Everyone would love for all of our citizens to be able to have the care they desire and the education they believe they need to succeed. Yet, what Sen. Bernie Sanders is really asking for is more violence and threats of violence.

There is one main reason people pay taxes to the government. There is a gun to each one of our heads as American citizens. We live under the constant threat of force and violence against us if we do not pay Uncle Sam what he demands.

First, you will get letters from the IRS. Then you will go to court. If they are not satisfied and you do not pay what they demand you owe you will be thrown in prison. If you try to resist violence against your person will most certainly be used.

So the question is how kind can Bernie Sanders view of society really be if requires so much violence to achieve it’s creation? Is a society that forces a boot on the necks of its citizens a kind society?

Death By Taxes


There is a 1981 movie I love called Harry’s War. It features a young Edward Hermann, the grandfather in Gilmore Girls. In the film, his aunt is threatened by the IRS. She has no money and has spent her life feeding those in need. The pressure and threats from the IRS cause so much anxiety she dies from a heart attack. Her nephew then goes declares war on the IRS to protect her property. Complete with tanks, landmines, etc.

This is the kinder society of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Now, of course, the latter part of the movie is pure fiction. Most of us don’t have that kind of access to army surplus to try to protect ourselves from the government, but the first part is all too predictable. Every year people face immense stress and likely health-related episodes thanks to the taxes they must pay or face imprisonment.

There is a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.” For some that should be “death by taxes.”

Senator Ted Cruz’s had a great response to Bernie Sanders.

“If Washington is corrupt why would you want to give more power  Washington. “

No one trusts the government. When Barack Obama was president Republicans did not trust it. While Donald Trump is president democrats do not trust it. With so much distrust why on earth do so many want to give power and money to Washington?

Force Over Charity


One of the questions from last night’s debate came from Scott Nash. Nash is the CEO of Mom’s Organic Market. He asked Ted Cruz why he thought it was a good idea to eliminate the estate/death tax so his children could inherit money they did not earn.

I am sure this guy meant well, but what on earth was he thinking? Does he really think the government is a better handler of the money he has earned than himself? If he does not want to leave it to his kids why would he not create a will that left it to the loyal employees that helped him build his business? Why not leave it to meaningful charities? It does not have to go to his children. He could arrange it to go anywhere.

All of the things people like Bernie Sanders want are good things. Most of us are not monsters. We want to see our neighbors prosper. We want people to succeed. The difference is some believe that it should be done by promoting love and charity and others believe it can only be done with force and violence.

In one final great moment of last night’s very civil debate, Ted Cruz told Bernie, “You want to lead us to European Socialism. I want to promote American Exceptionalism.”

For me, I choose to succeed with love for my neighbor and American Exceptionalism. I hope you will too.


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